Editorial design

Conception of a new front cover for the catalogue “Paris Haussmann”, edited by the Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Grand prix book award of the Académie d’Architecture, Paris 2017, bronze medal in the category “Artistic Catalogue” of the European Design Awards 2018. Directed by LAN, co-curators of the show, and designed by Undo-Redo. View Project


Graphic design

Conceived by Undo-Redo, “Graphic Notes” is a collection of notebooks aiming to celebrate the great masters of graphic design. The first series, dedicated to Franco Grignani, reinterprets the experimental style of the prolific visual researcher. The project was realized thanks to the contribution of the printing-house Grafiche dell'Artiere that printed and edited the notebooks. View Project


Graphic design

Hermès invites Undo-Redo to celebrate the art of playing... The outcome is a chessboard patterned plaid. Let’s play! View Project