Art Direction

Les Sacs du Soir



To present the new collection Cartier Evening Bags, Undo-Redo has created a press kit with a nocturnal and sensual atmosphere.

The search for a way to highlight these unique pieces, both masterpieces of the jeweler's art and fashion accessories, was the starting point of the artistic direction. To emphasize the impression of mystery, Undo-Redo has chosen to surround a voluptuous chiaroscuro with significant details.A series of worn still lifes reveal the couture aspect of the adornments while keeping a sense of abstraction and timelessness.

The play of shadows and lights, running together on the 2 notebooks of the cover of the press kit, are a visual introduction to the universe of the collection. The chiaroscuro black has been screen printed on a cherry-red paper to give the impression of a shadow that darkened the material with its velvety reflection. Finally, the very graphic jewelry clasp, symbol of the collection of Evening Bags, was stylized and then fire-gilded in silver to close the black envelope that contains the press kit.


Camille Vivier

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2- Jessica Craig-Martin, 1999

3 - Camille Vivier

4 - Henrik Isaksson Garnell, 2010

5 - Kasimir Malevitch, 1915

6 - Claude Cahun, 1936

7 - Studio Harcourt, 1995

8 - Jessica Craig Martin, 2008

9 - Camille Vivier

10 - Camille Vivier

11 - Iwajla Klinke, 2010

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UNDOREDO CAR Sacs soir 14 medium