Environmental design

The Louvre bookstore and gift shop



The Louvre museum bookstore and gift shop takes up the entire Grand Louvre alley located between the Carousel and Pyramid entry points. In a new space of 1850 m2 redesigned by the RDAI agency, the bookstore and gift shop is a modern and luminous space which presents a meticulous assortment of products.

Undo-Redo is inspired by the geometry of the Louvre Pyramid, designed by Pei, to imagine a clear, effective and refined signage. On the basis of a construction grid composed of triangles, a system of modular supports of engraved and silkscreened Corian is drawn. The flat figures interlock and the compositions vary like in a Tangram puzzle.

A study of the signs built on the layer of the grid was done to define a series of pictograms that illustrate the commercial themes of the shop.

The project is achieved in collaboration with

l'agence Gare du Nord Architecture et Valérie de Berardinis

6a017ee66ba427970d01bb07a6cbd4970d 5ff9357199b742b8a0598048f3a660f4 17329 p MAX BILL Huit groupes de lignes autour du blanc Jeff depner 04 Mahaud1 Ruitvormige compositie met twee lijnen 1931 96577ceb3fa4eac562465e3ce0f90624 Ob 24b90c i m pei louvre4

1 - Livre de Tangram, Chine 1815

2 - Kashigata, (moule à gâteaux), Japon

4 - Max Bill, Huit groupes de lignes autour du blanc, 1969-1970

5 - Jeff Depner

6 - Yant Maha Ud Yai

7 - Piet Mondrian, 1931

8 - Kashigata, (moule à gâteaux), Japon

9 - Ieoh Ming Pei, croquis pyramide du Louvre

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